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Battlefield 2/Maps/standard

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Dalian Plant

BF2 Dalian64 map.jpg

Daqing Oilfields

BF2 Daging64 map.jpg

Dragon Valley

BF2 Dragon64 map.jpg

FuShe Pass

BF2 Fushe64 map.jpg

Gulf of Oman

BF2 GulfOman64 map.jpg

Kubra Dam

BF2 Kubra64 map.jpg

Mashtuur City

BF2 Mashtuur64 map.jpg

Operation Clean Sweep

BF2 CleanSweep64 map.jpg

Sharqi Peninsula

BF2 Sharqi64 map.jpg

Songhua Stalemate

BF2 Songhua64 map.jpg

Strike at Karkand

BF2 Karkand64 map.jpg

Wake Island 2007

Added in the 1.03 patch. Only available in 64 player version.

BF2 Wake64 map.jpg

Zatar Wetlands

BF2 Zatar64 map.jpg

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